Mr. President
For the mind that always thinks:
For being fierce - when need be:
For preventing a second Great Depression:
For the humor:
Branding Yourself  /  Business On Facebook
For bringing the number of women in the Supreme Court to 3:
For making the White House the "people's" house:
For 1.1 million jobs created in 2010 alone, more than the entire 8 years of George W. Bush:
For the love of people:

For the love of people:
For America's First Lady:
For America's First Lady:
For Health Care reform:
For leaving the past behind:
For the world having respect for America, again:
For quietly and calmly dealing with crisis after crisis, after crisis,
after crisis, even if not being responsible for any of them:
For being so "cool":
For having the intellect to be curious:
For the capacity to know that you are, as we are, imperfect:
For having the sense to not let it destroy you:
For the capacity to be compassionate:
For being an inspiration to so many:
For saving the auto industry and at least 1.4 million jobs:
For loving the troops:
For understanding the horrible price of war:
For bringing 100,000 men and women back from Iraq.
For facing the most difficult and  loneliest job in the world
with grace, dignity, honesty and guts in spite of so many "Haters."
Barack Obama
For being, in spite of, all the hate, pettiness, racism, corruption and immaturity around,
the most progressive and 'for the people' president in decades. And simply for this:
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